"Clayton's delivery is up-close and addictive on Duke of Rural. When I'm dancing across the floor with Miss Darlene or to the bluesy Bye-Bye- Chicago, the only thing that keeps me from hitting the replay button is that I know the next track is just as good! Hey, can you drink a CD?"   Nikki Mitchell  

      Nikki Mitchell is President of Waylon Jennings Music 


"Duke of Rural is a wonderful album that grows on me each time I listen to it. It's a rich brew that's understated, but not undercooked. Everything is very tasty; nothing is superfluous. I especially like Don't Play Dominos With Angels. It's an amazing piece of work that is Dylanesque without being derivative. Snow Fell On Pawnee is my number-one favorite. It's a great song, no doubt, a really special piece. It works on so many levels, and whether it is based on a true or personal experience or not, it certainly feels that way. It's very touching and evocative. There is something I like about all the songs on Duke of Rural and I appreciate the 'consistent variety' Clayton presents in this fine collection of songs."   Dan Tyler

     Dan Tyler  has written numerous hit songs, including 'Modern Day Romance' for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 'The Light in Your Eyes' for Leann Rimes, 'Twenty Years Ago' for Kenny Rogers and 'Bobby-Sue' for the Oak Ridge Boys.


"Duke of Rural is the perfect road-trip CD!"   David Mead

     David Mead is a  singer/songwriter from Nashville who has toured the USA, Japan, UK and Ireland with Joe Jackson, Ron Sexsmith, Fountains of Wayne and John Mayer. His recordings include Luxury of Time, Mine and Yours, Indiana, Wherever You Are and Tangerine.


From Taproot Radio

On Duke of Rural, singer/songwriter Clayton Laurence Cheek serves up equal doses of heartache and good-natured ballads. Mr. Cheek has a great imagination for just the right slice of life details that enables you to fill in all the details on your own. The lyrics just sound good, like songs you'd enjoy singing yourself. Mr. Cheek's lyrics remind me quite a bit of Chip Taylor's songs. Lots of country sounding songs on the CD, including the two opening tracks, “Raining,” and “Miss Darlene.” Mr. Cheek really hits his stride on the bluesy numbers. There's a cajun inspired accordion driven toe-tapper called “No Parely-Voo,” a blues number called “Bye Bye Chicago,” and a Dixie-land inspired track, “Say Bye Bye.”